Yes…Cheer is a Sport

Cheer is one of the hardest sports.


Grace White, Contributor

Cheer is one of the hardest sports. This is because many people get injured when tumbling and stunting. Those are the two hardest parts of a cheer routine because in tumbling, you have to throw yourself backward and forward and in stunts, you’re holding a girl up in the air that you have to make sure she doesn’t fall. There are also other parts of a cheer routine such as a cheer, dance, and jumps. Those are just as important to the routine as any other part. The cheer is “Go, Fight, Win” or something like that. Dance is basically how you hear it, a dance and jumps are again like you hear it, you jump. I will go through each of them. A cheer is something that you yell during the routine like usually there’s music but that’s the only part there’s not. You have to yell the cheer. Dance is a series of moves that you put together but you still have to be sharp and not just flail your arms around. Then jumps are when you jump up and spread your legs apart. There are a bunch of different jumps such as toe touch, right hurdler, left hurdler, pike, tee jump, and star jump. Then running tumbling and standing tumbling which are different things. They are quite similar but different because one is standing back handsprings and tucks. Then the other is running back handsprings, tucks, layouts, and fulls. Overall, cheerleading is a pretty hard sport, and did I mention you have to do all that in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds?

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