The End of the School Year

The End of the School Year

Lily Herbstreit, Contributor

          How This School Year Was

The Sig Rogich 2020-2021 school year was the most interesting, slow moving, and crazy ride most of us have ever been on. The world has been on edge since Covid-19 first came out in January 2020. Even though at that time it was very small, it gradually spread more and more. Schools in Clark County soon closed around March 15, 2020 and opened back up a year later after spring break on April 6th, 2021. We started going back to school two days a week for 2 hour and 30 minutes.


          How covid-19 affected everyone

Covid-19 was discovered in January 2020 and is still present to this day. During this timeline, many things have changed. We went into a temporary lock down on March 15th that was only supposed to last two weeks until Covid started spreading and cases started to rise everywhere around the world. We soon went into a larger pandemic in late April. During this time we couldn’t go into restaurants, we had to wait outside in a line to go to grocery stores, many things started to run out (toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizers, wet wipes, etc.). Face masks were mandated everywhere. Only essential workplaces were able to work and many people lost their jobs. Almost all schools went into lock down and didn’t know what to do from there. 

          How the progress has been

We have adapted to the drastic difference in our lives that started last year. Online school became a little easier than how it used to be. Many people were struggling with keeping their work organized and since everyone was at home a lot of people also became lazy with their work. Near the end of the year, the process of being online became a lot smoother and a lot easier and way more cooperative. 

          The difference between online schooling and regular schooling

There are plenty of differences between online schooling and regular schooling. Whilst doing online school, you are at home and either on a personal computer doing school or using your chrome book. Everything also had to do everything online instead of using papers and pencils. On the other hand, in regular schooling we didn’t really need to use our chrome books that much but we mostly used papers and pencils. We were also near a lot of people and socializing with our friends.


          The end of the school year

After a very long and crazy year of social distancing, break out rooms, online presentations, it is finally over. This school year went by very quickly but slowly at the same time. Thank you to the school staff and teachers for being able to change their schedule in any sort and being able to cooperate with their students and help them learn. The 2020-2021 school year will probably be something that we will never forget since it might be a one in a lifetime thing.