DIY Hand Painted Watermelon Plant Pot!

Summer Arts and Crafts Flower Pot


Gianna Kapanov, Contributor

With summer right around the corner, you might want to make your house look a little more decorated for summer, at least have a little more bright colors. I think painting a watermelon pot for plants is the perfect craft to make, since it’s easy for kids and they get to learn how to take care of plants! 

Materials needed:
-terra cotta plant pot

-2 foam paint brushes

-1 small paint brush

-pink/red, light green, kelly green, and black craft paint

The first step is to get an even amount of paint on one of the foam paint brushes and to paint the bottom of the terra cotta pot pink or red, depending on your preference. Then paint the upper rim with the light green paint. Let it dry. Now you want to go in one more time and paint a second coat of paint, to get that richer color. Let it dry completely. To add more details, take the small brush and go in with the darker green. Add some streaks onto the lighter green, to give it more of a watermelon design. Rinse off the brush, and use it to paint some black seeds onto the pot. Once it’s completely dry, it is now ready to put to use. 


This fun craft will brighten up the house more, and kids will have fun taking care of the plant over summer. I’m sure kids can get very creative while painting the pot as well. I feel that this is the perfect early summer craft!


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