Halloween Around the World

Halloween Celebrated in Different Countries


Brooklyn Falater, Contributor

Everyone knows how Halloween is celebrated in the United States but no one really took a good look about how they do it in other countries. We go trick-or-treating, play games, have costume parties, and pranks. 

Ireland and Canada celebrate it just like us with trick-or-treating, costumes, and games. Halloween actually originated in Ireland and it is still celebrated as much as it is here. Though they have more interesting games such as a card game where cards are laid face down on a table with candy or coins beneath them. Then, a child chooses a card and they get whatever is under it. In Mexico, Halloween isn’t about spooky things like ghosts and vampires, but to them it is the Day of the Dead where they honor deceased loved ones and ancestors. This is called Día de los Muertos and it starts November 1 and goes to November 2.

In England, it is completely different because it is called Guy Fawkes Day which falls on November 5 and has huge bonfires and fireworks. This tradition isn’t like Halloween, and the English stopped celebrating Halloween because Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation started to spread. Guy Fawkes Day is named after an English traitor, Guy Fawkes. He was a traitor because he attempted to blow up England’s parliament building, and the holiday is designed to commemorate the execution of Guy Fawkes.


It doesn’t matter when Halloween is celebrated but it makes the holiday better when spending it with loved ones, especially when pranks start.





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