Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Face a scary and spooky Halloween event called Halloween Horror Nights!

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Nereenun Ngamamornpirat, Contributor

Universal Studios, for each year they set up a special event call Halloween Horror Nights to celebrate Halloween. This is the 30th year that Universal has celebrated Halloween Horror Nights and every year is successful with people filling in the sidewalk and activities. Just like the name, this event happens during night time, to give the fun and horror people want, Universal Studios hired talented makeup artists to make the ghost as realistic as possible. This event took place from September 3, 2021 to October 31, 2021. There are activities such as haunted houses, mazes, etc. Each activity is carefully planned and made to be as perfect as possible. But this event is well known for their amazing and realistic haunted houses, it will be hard to pick a favorite!

Here are some different haunted houses for this year.

“NETFLIX’S “THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE”. The Haunting of Hill House is a ghost like a brooding creature, waiting for its victims. Enter the decaying remains of an aging mansion that lives – even if all who dwell there are long dead. Step right into Netflix’s supernatural masterpiece, The Haunting of Hill House.

Each unsettling room, each darkened hallway, takes you deeper and deeper into your worst nightmares.
Come face-to-face with The Tall Man, The Bent-Neck Lady, The Ghost in the Basement and more.

Enter the Red Room and you may find yourself spending all of eternity listening to the sound of your own screams.”

“BEETLEJUICE HAUNTED HOUSE”, Say it once. Say it twice. Say it three times. It’s time to turn up the juice and see what shakes loose as the original film comes to life, more twisted and terrifying than ever. Beetlejuice will haunt, taunt and send you screaming out of the haunted house.

He’ll torment you as you wander checkerboard hallways and abandon you to your fate in the Lost Souls Room.

He’ll menace you through the model graveyard and join in the fun of Dante’s Inferno.

Be a part of the infamous dinner party scene and witness Beetlejuice’s chaotic wedding. It’s showtime!”

“THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE”, You’ve seen the 1974 horror classic. Now It’s your turn to experience it for yourself. Enter the dilapidated Sawyer house and meet Leatherface and his demented family of merciless butchers. Will you make it out in one piece? Or in pieces?

Step right inside the story experiencing every nightmarish moment for yourself.
Explore every familiar room of the Sawyer home, from the parlor to the blood-splattered kitchen.
You’ll face carving knives. Meat cleavers. Meat hooks. And of course, that roaring, slicing, and flesh-ripping chainsaw.”

There are also more interesting activities and haunted houses that are not mentioned because it will be too long.


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