Caring Caylee Pace

Find out some interesting facts about 6th grader, Caylee Pace.


Ella Miller, Contributor

Meet Caylee Pace! Caylee is a 7th grader here at Sig Rogich. Caylee loves to dance! She trains at Dance Connection and can find her there almost every day. Dance is her passion and she aspires to be a professional dancer some day. Caylee cares a lot about her family and friends. She loves to spend her time with her one year old sister. Caylee’s favorite colors are pink and white. Her favorite restaurant is Gesha House and her favorite food is steak. Her favorite subject in school is Choir because she loves to sing.

Caylee helps teachers around school after hours on Fridays. In fact, her mom is an English teacher at the school! Caylee is a very sweet person and when you are around her you will feel a lot more confident. Caylee is nice to everyone and will help anyone if they need it. 


Photo Credit: Featured and Story Image: Mrs. Pace and Dorian Studio