The Radiant Mrs. Rowley

Take an exciting look into her life.


Sarina Khurana, Contributor

Ms. Rowley is a 6th-grade science teacher here at Sig Rogich Middle School. She has been teaching for a great 14 years and has been at Rogich for 6 years. As a science teacher, out of many of her favorite lessons to teach Thermal Energy and Body Systems are her favorite. Ms. Rowley stated, “I have always loved science and it inspired me to start my own career as a science teacher!” She is also very passionate about spending time with her family and friends, she thinks it’s important plus it makes her happy. In her free time though she enjoys baking, scuba diving, and reading. She was born in Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University. A fun fact is that before teaching, a long time back she tried to be an architect major for three years. The planning and designs of architecture are kind of related to being a science teacher which is why she’s where she’s at right now!  

(Featured and Story photo credit: Paula Rowley)