Harry Styles – “Love On Tour”

Everything you need to know about “Love On Tour”


Grace Perkins, Contributor

Have you heard that Harry Styles is on tour? That’s right, he is traveling all around the world to play his most recent album “Fine Line”. This tour known as “Love On Tour” was postponed in 2020 due to “Covid-19”, and now that things are getting better, he re-established the date of the tour to September 4th and will conclude it on November 20th. Fans are going crazy, most thought it wasn’t even going to happen.

Unfortunately, he is only touring in the United States due to obvious reasons as he states on social media “To everyone in the UK, and across the world, I can’t wait to see you again, but for obvious reasons it is just not possible at this time. I will be sharing more news soon about shows across the globe, and new music. I love you all so much. I’m very excited, and I can’t wait to see you.” He is doing his very best following Covid guidelines, in fact he is requiring people to get vaccinated in order to get into the stadium. He also had to cancel one of his shows in Houston, Texas due to Covid cases rising. 

Harry is incredible at singing and lighting up a stage, but he isn’t the only one to thank for this because he is featuring a fellow musician, “Jenny Lewis”. He also is bringing his new band with him including Elin Sandberg, Niji Adeleye, Pauli Lovejoy, Mitch Rowland, Sarah Jones, Ny Oh, Adam Prendergast, and Charlotte Clark. These people are insanely talented musicians, and are all doing so well together to make each concert unforgettable. 

Now let’s talk about his songs! Most people know Harry from the old band “One Direction”, but he has made loads of his own songs since they disbanded, such as his most popular song “Watermelon Sugar” with over one billion views. His most recent album is “Fine Line”, which includes the 12 songs that he will sing for “Love on Tour”. Not only is he including songs from this album, but he’s also including one of his old songs with “One Direction” named “That’s What Makes You Beautiful”, as well as some others from his old albums.


Photo Credits: xfearlesslou and halosluvbot on Pinterest