Met Gala

The 2021 Met Gala! The event of the year!

Met Gala

Brielle Brown, Contributor

As the Met Gala has passed, let’s talk about the outfits. The Met Gala is something that happens every year in NYFW (New York Fashion Week). It started in 1948. It is usually held during May but due to COVID, it was In the month of September. The Met Gala is a gala that is held in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York. Many high-listed celebrities are invited by designers to show off the designer’s work. People can actually pay to go to the Met Gala, The price of the tickets are $35,000.  This year, the fashion was very interesting to scope out! The theme for the clothing this year was American Fashion. Many celebrities wore amazing things, some wore different things that people would never think of seeing. As the hype of it died down, seeing some fits from throughout the years look different especially with the different topics like this year’s which was In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, the previous year’s were Camp: Notes on Fashion, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, Rei KawaKubo/ Comme des Garcons: Art of the In-Between and many more throughout the years, The Met Gala was a highlight in fashion this year with its very different choices! Here are 6 celebrities who had really amazing and different outfits that were very unique and beautiful!

  1. Teyana Taylor in Prabal Gurung

(actor, singer, dancer, Creative director for pretty little thing) Teyana Taylor wore this elegant dress made by Prabal Grung. It shows an amazing glitter, and silver finish, the top part was very 

beautiful with its magnificent long end. The hair was messy in a really good way it made the outfit pop, what also made the outfit pop was the reflecting long end. The makeup was really good, her makeup artist named @japanesefaces and her hairstylist @arrogant_tae123, they do many celebrities’ makeup and hair, Arrogant Tae has done Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj! The person beside Teyana is the designer of the dress Prabal Gurung.


Photo Credit @TeyanaTaylor

2. Keke Palmer in Sergio Hudson(Actress)

Keke Palmer wore the beautiful Sergio Hudson, it was based on the beautiful Diana Ross’s outfit. The hair was giving its everything, and the look was giving a glitter bomb!


The designer of this outfit is Sergio Hudson the hairstylist and makeup artist Michael “Maikeeb” Benyamin, the makeup artist is herself, she does her makeup herself, and it looks amazing!

Photo Credit: @kekepalmer on Instagram


  1. Saweetie in Christian Cowan

(Female Rapper) Saweetie looks beautiful in her Christian Cowan dress, that is the colors of Philippine flag, the glitter is the colors of the Philippine flag, it looks so beautiful. It is to show her Philippine culture. As Saweetie says “I Know That’s Right”(Saweetie). The outfit is giving, the hair is so good, the details of the outfits are beautiful with the beautiful rings and nails! Her hairstylist that did her hair is Byron Javar, her makeup artist is Deanna Paley, who has a makeup look named after Saweetie “Icy Glam ”.

Photo Credit @Saweetie


  1. Kendall Jenner in Givenchy

(Model) Kendall Jenner’s outfit is stunning with the many glitter arrangements, Kendall more like the other people wore many glitter arrangements due to the

theme being American Fashion, It is the most beautiful thing in American Fashion to add or have on. Kendall wore her outfit, it was giving glitter. It was really beautiful, it gave a glitter bomb!


Photo Credit: @KendallJenner


5.Rihanna in Balenciaga

(Business woman, Singer) Rihanna’s outfit by Balenciaga was different and it gave a different look than most people on this list, it was very basic, but not basic at the same time it was a black poofy dress with silver details, like her jewelry! Rihanna and A$ap Rocky, wore two different things, A$ap wore a colorful blanket, and he made a statement by taking off the blanket and had a tuxedo on. The outfit was giving, especially for her being a billionaire!

Photo Credit: @badgalriri on Instagram


  1. Normani in Valentino​​

(singer) Normani wore a bright yellow Valentino dress like Rihanna’s but Normani’s was more poofy and yellow. Normani has beautiful details throughout her dress, her jewelry has hints of blue and silver. Her hairstylist Jay, has done many different hairstyles on Normani including this one from the Met Gala!


Photo Credit: @normani