The Brilliant Mrs. Ballagh

Mrs. Ballagh is a science teacher and leads an interesting life.


Grace White, Contributor

Mrs. Ballagh is a 7th grade science teacher. She has been living in Las Vegas since she was little meaning that she went to UNLV. At first she majored in hotel management, but then she realized that wasn’t what she wanted to do and pursued her degree in education. She wanted to pursue education because she has a love for working with children. This is her 29th year of teaching with CCSD. Isn’t that amazing? She has taught at many schools such as Clyde Cox Elementary School (2nd Grade), Elaine Wynn Elementary School (1st and 2nd grade Science), Lawrence Middle School (6th grade Science), and Rogich Middle School (6 and 7 Grade Science). Teaching at a school is pretty difficult, but despite all the work she still has time to do all her favorite things. Those things include reading, interior design, and hanging out with family and friends.   

Photo Credits: Mrs. Ballagh