Fun Fall Crafts!

How to make fall crafts fun for all ages!


Ella Boyle, Contributor

Fall has arrived! These crafts are fun for all! From ghosts to bats, autumn is a fun-filled season. Cupcakes and Halloween bags and tons more fun! 

DIY Halloween cupcakes!

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Halloween is coming up and it’s time to make some yummy Halloween cupcakes!


What you will need:

 -Cupcake batter, of your choice

-Different colored frosting (black, orange, white)




  1. Make cupcakes with instructions on the box
  1. Let cool for 15 minutes
  2. Add your  colored frosting
  3.  Make different Halloween shaped fondant
  4. Add you fondant and any other touches
  5. Dig in and enjoy!!


DIY Trick or treat bag!

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This craft is super fun to make with friends and family!


What you will need:

-A plain tote bag

-Different colored sharpies/markers

-Halloween stencils (optional)



1- gather all of your tools needed

2- start sketching your print

3- color it in

4- add any extra touches and you’re done!