Giving Thanks to Your Community

What to do when giving thanks to other people

Giving Thanks to Your Community

Brooklyn Falater, Contributor

Thanksgiving is more than eating or consuming large amounts of food, it’s the holiday where you give thanks and show your gratitude. Many people work hard to keep stores stocked and keep other people safe.

10 ways to show thanks:

  • Say more than “Thank You”

Instead of saying “thank you” automatically and without any heart, people should actually mean it.

  • Write a Thank You Note to Someone You Haven’t Properly Thanked

Sometimes saying “thank you” is hard to make it sound passionate. Many people can’t do it because they’re afraid. For them, it’s easier to write a note to someone because then they can write it over and over until it sounds good.

  • Make Eye Contact with the People You Pass on the Street

Making eye contact helps someone study people and may help start a conversation. Also, eye contact signifies that some people see other people and everyone wants to be seen.

  • Share Extras with Your Neighbors

If someone has an extra batch of cookies, they should share them with your neighbors. Your neighbors might return the favor with something even better.

  • Thank Your Top Five

Instead of your family, the top five people in your life do so much for you and you think it’s their role. They could make it their role but you should still thank them for everything they do.

  • Thank Your Local Small Businesses by Posting Your Love for Them Online

This is one way to show you care for the community. Margaret J. Wheatley once said, “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

  • Write and Old-School Thank-You Note or Card

Some people care more for handwritten cards than email. It means a lot more to people if someone makes it themselves.

  • Decorate Your Home with Festive and Gratitude-Themed Décor

It’s thanksgiving, the holiday of turkeys, food, and the fall season. Every family should at least have one decoration. If someone doesn’t, they could even use real leaves that you find on the ground.

  • Support a Local Charity with Your Time, Energy, or Money

Being grateful doesn’t mean taking things for granted. Some organizations are nonprofit and could use your help, so help them.

  1. Invite Extra Guests to Your Thanksgiving Feast

This doesn’t mean strangers, but maybe some friends or family that haven’t been seen for a while.


Challenge: Do at least three of these examples to show thanks this month. Trust me, you’ll feel better and happier with every one you do. 



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