The Kind Mrs. Kinsey

Mrs Kinsey is a great and kind teacher. She loves to interact and teach her students.


Ella Miller, Contributor

      Mrs. Kinsey is a 6th grade teacher at Sig Rogich Middle School. When she was younger, she enjoyed going to school! Her favorite subject was science and she had the hardest time with math. Her favorite thing about teaching is that she gets to work with students and help them succeed in their educational goals. She used to teach at Katz Elementary and Staton Elementary. As she moved from elementary school to middle school, it felt more comfortable to teach English. She wanted to teach sixth grade because she wanted a change. Her daughter is an eighth grade student at Sig Rogich Middle School. Some of Mrs. Kinsey’s favorite things are cheese enchiladas, the color orange, the season fall, and she enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles whenever she has free time. Mrs. Kinsey is one of the many amazing teachers here at Sig Rogich Middle School! 


Photo Credit: Mr. Kinsey, Lila Kinsey (Featured image)