Turkey Board

Learn how to make this easy and delicious turkey charcuterie board.

Turkey Board

Maddison Cunningham, Contributor

Finally, Thanksgiving is making its way! Everybody knows that Thanksgiving has lots of turkeys and lots of food. This cute turkey snack board will definitely help to get in the spirit. This snack board is full of fruits, vegetables, sweets, and snacks. Enjoy this charcuterie board full of many different types of food. Ingredients would include pretzels, marshmallows, grapes, Rolos, Reese’s peanut butter pumpkin shaped cups, chocolate donuts, popcorn, candy eyeballs, raspberries, Cheez-its, cheese, oranges, straws, and Reese’s pieces. This charcuterie board is tasty and has some healthy items and some sugary items.

Step One– Gather all of the ingredients from a local grocery store. Set them out and make sure there is a board to put this all on.

Step Two– Start off by making a turkey shape with pretzels. Once satisfied, cut a triangular shape of cheese for the beak of the turkey. Put that where the nose would be. For the eyes, take candy eyeballs and cut one marshmallow in half, put the eye balls on the sticky parts. Get two or more raspberries and put them in the belly area. For legs, add two Pocky sticks and put them underneath the pretzels.

Step Three– Now that the turkey is set up, put little piles of Cheez-its towards the bottom sides. This will make wings or arms for the turkey. 

Step Four-Next, it is time to set up the colorful back of the turkey. Start by putting grapes around the turkey shape. This will add a tiny pop of extra color and will also make the turkey look more fun and healthy.

Step Five-After adding grapes, trace the outside of the grapes and put in popcorn. Remember to keep the layers of food sort of thin since there is a lot of food.

Step Six-Finally time for the most unhealthy but extremely delicious part, chocolate donuts! Put the donuts along the outline of the popcorn. This will take up a bit of space so be prepared. 14 donuts were used but many people might do less or more. Make it unique. Once this step is complete, the turkey will be laid out, and all that’s left is decorating. Making the turkey unique is important and this next step helps.

Step Seven-Decorate!! Feel free to use anything such as fruits, vegetables, or sweets to decorate the rest of the space. Pumpkin looking oranges are super cool though. Take any type of oranges and peel them. Make sure to keep them all together. Then take a straw, chocolate chips or something else and put it in the middle. Boom. Now there are cool pumpkins helping to decorate the empty space. Also, adding Reese’s pieces and Rolos adds to the picture with Thanksgiving treats.  Enjoy making this awesome charcuterie board, it sure will be tasty.

Photo Credit (Featured and Story Images): Maddison Cunningham and Ella Boyle