Micheal Jackson One

Everything needed to know about the Micheal Jackson One show

Micheal Jackson One

Grace Perkins, Contributor

Have you heard about the Micheal Jackson One show? In 2013 the show was held at Mandalay Bay for the first time and was directed by Jaime King. It is still being held till this day. The show is 90 minutes long and is performed by 63 talented dancers, singers, and more. There are a bunch of different acts that are unbelievable! They perform his most popular songs with his famous dance moves including the Toe Stand, Slide Slide, The Robot, and Anti Gravity Lean. To make it even more incredible they use outstanding special effects and combinations of dances. Although Micheal Jackson is not here to perform, they really bring this show to life as if he was here. 

Micheal Jackson provided enjoyment all over the world with his performances and to bring the enjoyment back the show includes a few scenes of a hologram of Micheal Jackson, it looks so incredibly real just like he is actually there. Fans go crazy about it, the way the performers are included in the hologram scene is eye opening, they make it seem like he is next to them when in reality they’re all faking it….that takes talent. 

Photo Creds – https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/michael-jackson-one#about-the-show