New November Movies!

Here are some really interesting PG movies coming out in November, perfect for the holiday season.

New November Movies!

Genesis Hayashi, Contributor

Here are some really new interesting movies coming out soon in November! 


The first Movie is coming out on November 24th 2021! It’s called “Encanto”. People are saying 

that it’s similar to “Coco”. This movie is about a family that has a magical house hidden in the 

mountains. The house is called, ”Encanto” and blesses any child born in that house with a 

magical gift. But this magical person doesn’t get a gift and her name is Maribel. You can watch 

this movie in theaters now! 

The second movie is “A Boy Called Christmas”. If you are really into Christmas type movies 

then this will be great for you! This story is about a boy named Nickolas but 

nicknamed “Christmas” and has only received one toy in his life. That toy is very special to him 

because it came from his parents who love him very much. But it seems something goes wrong 

in this True turn of events. There seems to be a lot of twists 

and turns of events in this movie. You may watch this on Netflix on the 24 of November! It could 

also be watched on Christmas Day because it’s a Christmas movie.

If you’re into puppies then you will LOVE this movie. It is called “Pups Alone”. It’s about this dog

owner going away on a ski trip and leaving his dog home alone. The dogs use the owners’ 

creations to make the house into a horror house! But this all changes when two random people 

try to break in… Just like “Home Alone”. This movie is coming out very soon! It’s gonna come 

out on November 19th.  So if you love dogs and have one then maybe you should watch this