Mr. Lutke’s – 7th Graders!

A look into his 5th and 6th Period

Quinn Fike, Contributor

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Mr. Lutke is a 6th and 7th grade teacher here at Sig Rogich Middle School.  He has been teaching for 15 years because when he was in high school, he worked at an orphanage and he saw how teaching could impact kids.  I asked him if he had a student of the month, and he replied with, “I did not choose one this month. ” He teaches 6 classes a day and he wants his students to be comfortable in their learning and be able to express themselves clearly in their writing.

Mr. Lutke has 36 students in his 5-6 period class. I asked one of his students, Arabella Markowicz, what she found most challenging in ELA, and she said, “Jane Schaffer.”  Another one of Mr. Lutke’s students, Ally Lamm said, “Listening to Mr. Lutke talk about his life,” was her favorite activity so far in her English class. “One of Mr. Lutke’s unique qualities is that he tells stories like no other teacher would,” says Vince Tranle.  Zander Futrell says that he hopes to get a good grade in English this year.

Twenty-four of the students in Mr. Lutke’s class said that fiction was their favorite book genre, 3 said nonfiction, and 5 said realistic fiction. The total number of students does not add up to these numbers because some students were absent the day of this poll.

Photo Credit: Quinn Fike

Vince Tranle, 7

Zander Futrell, 7

Ally Lamm, 7

Arabella Markowicz, 7