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Melanie Furtado
Melanie Furtado is a young girl who is very energetic and happy almost all the time! She enjoys acting, playing with her friends, and spending time with her family. 

Melanie has been acting for five years now and has become very social due to her performances. She has been cast as a main role in many plays and musicals.

Miss. Furtado has two dogs, and two cats, that she plays with very often.

In her spare time, after rehearsing lines of course, she spends lots of time with her family. She has two older sisters who are two and four years older than her. She likes to go to the beach with her aunt, uncle, sisters and cousin every summer.

She has many friends that she shares classes with. She eats lunch with her best friends everyday and spends time with them after school and on the weekends.

Overall, she is very social, and fun to be around.

Melanie Furtado, Contributor

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Melanie Furtado